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Your Profile & Personal Website
Choose the best type of profile that suits your needs and let your followers see you move, talk, show off your body and much more! Personal website example:
Up to 100 Photos & Unlimited Number of Videos
Visual content is your best tool on RentMen — you can upload up to 100 high quality photos and unlimited number of videos to attract wider audience and improve your search rating.
Travel Locations
You travel often? Set Travel Locations and your profile will start showing there up to 30 days in advance. Basic membership allows you to set up to 3 locations, and with Gold you can set up to 6 locations. And the best of all — you don’t need to pay additionally for this feature!
Email Address and Mailbox
Get your own RentMen mailbox, including dedicated email address (example: %email%) to keep all of your communication at one place. In addition, you can set SMS notification, so you never miss a message from another user! [email protected]. Get all your escort business correspondence in one place. SMS (text message) notifications to your cell.
Be at the Top of Search Results
Profiles with Gold membership appear at the top of search results, above Basic profiles. Gold membership can improve your visibility greatly as users are more likely to visit a profile from the top results and the homepage.
Be Featured on the Homepage
Profiles with Gold membership randomly rotate in the Featured Ads tab on the homepage of your metro and travel locations to improve your visibility even further. In addition to this, your videos will be featured, also on a random basis, in the Featured Videos tab on the homepage.
RentMan Of The Day
Gold profiles can be randomly chosen to be featured with RentMan of the Day. This way your profile will appear above all search results on all RentMen pages for selected region, greatly increasing your visibility and traffic! (Available only if no other user has purchased the feature for the respective region)
Full Private Photo Gallery
Get your own private photo gallery! Only you can determine who can see your private photos, unlike the semi private galleries where the clients could see your photos without permission.
No Sponsors in Gold Profiles
Only you are promoted! The RentMen Sponsor profiles are displayed on all RentMen pages, including in Basic performer profiles, while they remain invisible in Gold profiles — this way we keep the the focus on you, when someone visits your page!
Be A Special RentMen Member
Gold Members are Special RentMen members. Clients take you more seriously and are assured you mean business because of your Gold Status.
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Select This Plan